Shanghai New International Expo Centre ( SNIEC)

Exhibition Message

Exhibitors' Message

CDATF every year is an important platform for HEARS to release new products annually, the CDATF is an event for trading, this year there were a lot of customers on the site, we also got a lot of orders and potential business opportunities, in the future we will also continue to promote in-depth co-operation with the CDATF, and look forward to next year's July, we will meet again in Shanghai!

Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co., Ltd.

This year's CDATF we have a lot of harvest, the exhibition of various forms of publicity and perfect service are very satisfied, a lot of previous hesitation in the channel, this time in CDATF will be completed on the doorstep, smooth transactions, high efficiency, very accurate and efficient exhibition. Wish the CDATF will be better and better.

Zhejiang Zhuo Yi Household Gooda CO., Ltd.

As a loyal exhibitor of CDATF, we participate in it every year. CDATF will be highly professional, well-known and recognised, the biggest surprise this year is that the popularity is higher than previous years, the quality of the audience is also very good, we also contacted a lot of online channels, e-commerce platform . Thank you for the platform provided by the organisers, and I wish CDATF will be better and better.

Yiwu Dajin Department Store Co., Ltd.

This year the organisers online publicity was very strong and the publicity was very effective. This year, there is a large flow of people, which is very helpful to us and can better improve the exposure of our products. There are already buyers who have reached a co-operation on site, while some orders from interested buyers are being followed up. I hope the CDATF will be better and better.

Hangzhou PINMOO Design Co., Ltd.

We participate in the CDATF every year, and this year we feel that there will be significantly more visitors, suppliers and supply chain customers, which is better than every year. We will bring some new products to the show every year, and we can absorb some new customers every year, which is a good encouragement to us, and also the motivation for us to participate.

Panjin Haixing Technology Co., Ltd.


Visitor's Message

JD Huixun is a loyal visitor to CDATF every year, and this year it continued to visit as a specially invited TAP Diamond VIP by the organiser. Before the exhibition, the organisers had a detailed understanding of the situation and development direction of JD Huixun, and asked about the purchasing needs and the expected mode of cooperation. During the exhibition period, the organiser organised a special business procurement matching meeting for us, and made appointments with suppliers of various categories. We are grateful to the organiser for the full range of services provided, and look forward to more cooperation with the CDATFplatform in 2024.

JD Huixun

After more than two years of development, Suning Yipin, Suning Eshop Group's own brand, has been recognised by users and the industry for its concept of "three highs and one yes" in terms of high value, high value, high cost-effectiveness and content. It is a great honour to participate in the China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair, where industry experts, source factories, and platforms can exchange in-depth information on the future trend and development of department stores, and let high-quality products go global; we are grateful to CDATF for providing us with such a platform and customized matching services. We also hope that TAP team will be more and more great!

Suning Yipin
Suning Yipin - OEM Centre

For the first time, we were invited to participate in the business matching activities organised by the organisers of the CDATF, in the form of a purchasing group and issued a purchasing invitation plan to 2000+ suppliers. Through the organiser's reasonable planning before the show and suppliers' on-demand registration, the communication with suppliers on site was more accurate. At the same time, it saves our visiting time and improves our visiting efficiency. We are very grateful to CDATF for providing us with such a platform and customised matching service, and hope the TAP team can be more and more great!

BHG - Jiangsu Province